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Dave Brooks
The Instruments
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Workshops include:

  • Overview of Samba history, combinations of origins and carnival.
  • Introduction to the instruments and playing technique.
  • All relevant samba instruments provided.
  • Basic rhythm pattern and percussion awareness.
  • Opportunity for all participants to play as part of a band.
  • 15 to 50 delegates in each group.

Full day             1500     1-hour sessions, repeated throughout the day for up  to 50 delegates per session

Single session    300 1-hour duration up to 50 delegates.


In these sessions:

Delegates are assigned instruments, taught the basics of Samba, play simple rhythms as a Samba band, devise new rhythms on a theme determined by the client share these rhythms with the group and perform them as a Samba band. The workshops encourage mutual respect, defy hierarchical boundaries and focus the mind on the key messages of the day – all in the ‘feel-good’ energy of making Samba music.


The timings of a single session as part of a wider day of training can be flexible according to the client’s requirements: The Sambatastic workshop is ideal as an icebreaker, starting the day in an innovative, energetic way; great for consolidating the morning or days work in a session before lunch / end of day; and ideal for re-focussing the group in those post- lunchtime doldrums.


  • Please note all workshops can be tailored to meet your specific needs.


Trained and experienced facilitators

All instruments and other equipment

Fully structured event, tailored to your requirements.


Sambatastic            07989 244472