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Dave Brooks BA Hons (QTS) Music

Dave Brooks
The Instruments
Birthday Parties


Larmertree workshop on Samba, the origins and the beats. witih only an hours practice, the group were ready to perform in front of 5,000 people.

Dave has been a classroom teacher and music specialist in a range of schools in London and the South for over ten years. With a degree in music and education, grade 8’s in piano, recorders and trumpet, music has always been a feature of Dave’s teaching. As an educator and a trainer Dave is able to pass on his knowledge and enthusiasm to children and adults alike. He has the ability to instil confidence in the most self-professed ‘unmusical’ person.

Dave started a samba band in school as a way of teaching 35 children how to work together. Since then he has taught Samba to a range of schools, youth groups and corporations across Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire.  


Dave is based in The New Forest, but travels around the UK giving workshops


Larmer Tree Festival 2004


JPMorgan Samba Day

Sambatastic            07989 244472