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Traditional team-building aspirations in a remarkably innovative and interactive way


Wecome to Sambatastic. Educational and Corporate samba workshops for all ages and abilities.
Samba is accessible to everyone, regardless of gender, size, age, or ability. Samba is a collective experience. The group have to come together and let the rhythm flow – it can not be achieved by an individual.
The sense of achievement as a group progress from beginners to performing over such a short time is overwhelming – a fabulous way to kick-start a team of any age or purpose.
Dave Brooks
The Instruments
Birthday Parties

Samba for good communication development

Music is about listening and appropriately responding which is a fundamental requirement in good communication. Each small section have to listen and play together. To get the overall Samba sound, all sections have to be aware of each other and play together, a valuable skill not often practised in everyday life.

Why drums?

Drumming workshops are a new and exciting teambuilding approach used in America to foster healthy communication between team members. Leading companies, for example Toyota now have permanent ‘drumroom’ facilities. This approach is growing throughout major industries in the UK.

A new study from America has shown that when staff at a Pennsylvania nursing home took part in six weekly drumming sessions, it improved their mood by almost 50% and significantly lowered staff turn-over.  Dr Barry Bittman, the author of the report, said there was a decrease in feelings of fatigue and depression

Look at BBC News Business page: Drumming sessions at work could help employees defend themselves from stress and lower staff turnover, according to a new study from America.

Surdo, the heartbeat of the band

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